Why Used Computer Parts are as Functional as Brand New Parts

Computers have made their mark in modern living. Everyday activities like research, entertainment, shopping, education, and many other functions would be rather difficult without the internet and without computers. Unfortunately computers are fragile, break down easy, and are subject to viruses and other malfunctions.

Desktop computers, in particular, have an average lifespan of about 3 to 5 years. Their lifespan is ultimately dependent upon variables like amount of usage, environmental heat and humidity, dust, insects, and computer viruses.

There are precautions computer owners can take to help extend the lifetime of their computer. However computers sometimes break for no particular reason. Should you experience your computer having troubles you should act immediately to fix the problem. Although new computer parts are often expensive, used computer parts work just as well and are not.

Code Micro offers new and used computer parts for various PC models. We sell virtually every computer part there is; from motherboards, CPUs, and video cards to peripheral and output devices like printers, keyboards, and scanners. Although installing used parts in your desktop computer may sound a little contemptible at first, tech-savvy owners and computer geeks would beg to differ. Just know you don’t have to pay for expensive brand new parts.

At CodeMicro we are industry experts and never sell obsolete or dysfunctional used products. Everything in our inventory undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before being released to the market. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and besides offering used parts we also sell wholesale computer parts at lower prices to meet customers’ needs.

No matter what computer part you need replaced it is almost always safe to assume that a used part can work just as well as a replacement part if you choose to buy from the right seller. At Code Micro we carry the latest and greatest computer parts such as a Zebra Thermal Printer for instance and can surely help you find the parts that you’re looking for at a price you prefer. Just remember that new doesn’t always mean better.