Hospitals Save Money Buying Recycled Computer Parts.

Hospitals Save Money Buying Recycled Computer Parts

With a ballooning number of baby boomers hitting their golden years, requiring surgery, physical therapy and life-saving efforts and,  the addition of the “me” generation (post baby boomers who spend more on healthcare than their parents did),  it is no wonder that the medical care industry is one of the largest consumers of computers and computer parts.  Hospitals and medical offices around the world now use the computer for every of aspect of their business.  Whether it’s accounting and administration, complex laparoscopic surgeries, diagnosis of disease or networking among medical professionals sharing unique health conditions in their research studies,  computer technology is the essential tool today’s medical professionals admit they could not be without.  It is virtually impossible for humans to simultaneously track every movement of patients’  internal organs, but computers do it with ease.

Hospitals Save Money Buying Recycled Computer Parts
As healthcare cuts sweep the nation and the burgeoning  demand for healthcare increases, hospitals are encouraged to be more savvy with their technology maintenance and spending.   Purchasing recycled equipment and parts, where possible, has literally saved them millions of dollars.

Code Micro has been and, continues to be, a significant supplier for these often difficult-to-find parts to the healthcare sector.  A great example of a hospital saving money buying recycled computer parts is Loma Linda Hospital in southern California. Loma Linda is among  the many customers that reap the benefits of buying recycled computer parts. And a great example of computer parts organization like Loma Linda Hospital save big money on are genuine EMC Symmetrix replacement parts. Not only are they saving money and consequently saving their patients money, they are contributing to the “green” cause which,  in its self, is nothing to sneeze about!

Code Micro Offers Free Super Saver Shipping for Computer Parts

Oceanside, CA (August 14, 2012) — Leading computer parts company Code Micro is offering its free Super Saver shipping service for consumers who order computer parts online from Code Micro’s store. Code Micro is one of the biggest vendors of new and refurbished computer parts.

Many consumers find various dealers selling computer parts wholesale or retail who charge shipping and handling fees. In an economy that is still touch and go, some dealers compete by lowering their upfront prices. Others unjustly compensate for lower prices by sacrificing the quality of their product.

Code Micro goes against this seeming tide by shipping wholesale computer parts ordered thru their website for free through its Super Saver shipping service. Best of all, there is no minimum amount of purchase and there is no sacrifice in the quality of their product. You should still expect only the highest quality computer parts when you order from Code Micro along with great customer service. The only stipulation on the Super Saving shipping service is that this offer is only good for orders under 50 lbs in weight.

Code Micro aims to extends the Super Saver Shipping service to a wide customer base who order computer parts online. They are currently offering this deal within the continental United States only but are considering other destinations based on market demand.

Customers who order computer parts wholesale from Code Micro can expect an estimated delivery time of 7 to 10 business days. For consumers who want an expedited delivery, they may opt to take advantage of Code Micro’s enhanced shipping options during the online checkout process.

Further details of their free Super Saver shipping service can be found online at Code Micro’s website. All wholesale computer parts come with a 30-day money back guarantee and are backed by a hassle-free return policy. For more on their products and services, go to

About Code Micro, Inc.

Since 1994, Code Micro, Inc. has been helping consumers locate and order hard-to-find new and used IT products that may no longer be in production. They offer quality replacement parts for computers from top brands such as Acer, Dell, HP, and more.

Three Hardware Devices for Internet Connection and Server Access

The Internet is nothing short of a miracle realm. With sufficient speed and connection stability, you can download or upload a steady stream of information – without losing a bit of it. This is made possible through powerful terminal servers. Technically terminal servers are very simple devices that offer no security or functionality such as user authentication and data encryption. One example is Digit 70001527 Etherlite 16 Terminal Server w/power supply, a product that can be found on our ecommerce site here. This device, like other terminal servers, enables organizations to connect devices with an RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232 serial interface to local area networks (LAN). The use of a terminal server means that each terminal on the network doesn’t need its own network interface card or modem. Some terminal servers can handle 128 terminals.

A terminal server’s primary application is to allow serial devices to gain access to network server applications, and vice versa, where data security is not issue. The market currently abounds in terminal servers with advanced security functions; this ensures that all data transmitted across a LAN is encrypted, and that only qualified personnel can access specific servers.

Digi Hostess

Digi Terminal Servers

Historically, terminal servers trace their roots from Digital Equipment Corporation, an American computer systems provider. This company, which was later acquired by Compaq, created other terminal servers. Examples of DEC’s products are the DECserver100, DECserver 200, and DECserver 300.

Aside from the Digi 70001527 Etherlite terminal server, internet access and speed can also be improved through a Digi 77000012 Com/8i XI ISA 8 port. Like all serial ports, this model acts as a physical interface for serial communication, through which information is transferred one bit at a time. The term serial port is usually identified with hardware that complies with RS-232. RS-232 is the traditional name for a series of standards for serial binary single-ended data and control signals commonly used in serial ports.

In the past, an RS-232 port was a standard feature of PCs which allows them to connect to printers, modems, data storage and other peripheral devices. However, RS-232 ports were hampered by problems like limited transmission speeds, large standard connectors, and large voltage swings. This prompted manufacturers to replace them with a “universal serial bus”.

With devices such as the Eltek H2500A2-VV Eltek Valere 48v 50a H Series Rectifiers, the triad in providing superb internet connection is complete. Like all rectifiers, this product works by converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) through a process called “rectification”. Using these devices, you can expect internet and network access to be faster and easier.