Should You Get Wholesale Computer Parts to Fix Your Old PC or Buy Google’s New Chromebook?


Technology isn’t meant to last forever. So, when your trusty computer starts to glitch and eventually break down due to defective hardware, you’ll most likely have two questions running in your head: (1) Do I buy one of those handy and affordable laptops? Or (2) Do I find quality wholesale computer parts and fix my old PC? And since Google’s new Samsung Chromebook is creating quite a buzz, you may be curious if it’s a legitimate replacement solution. Well, to help you decide whether you should buy replacement parts and fix your old PC or invest in say, the new Chromebook; we’ve gone ahead and broken down four factors to consider before choosing one option or the over.



The Chromebook boasts an 11.6” (1366×768) display, USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports, a fan-free ARM-based processor and 2GB of RAM, which are all you’re ever going to get. Hence, if the Chromebook’s specs are less than what you require, you may want to start working on your old PC. From its CPU components to its power supply, you can choose the parts that you need to make your desktop faster and efficient.


Priced at $249, it’s no wonder that the Chromebook is noted for its value. However, what if all your PC needs to return to life is a new motherboard for $100 or a simple update of drivers for your hardware? Think about your budget, your computer’s problem and determine whether buying a laptop is better or fixing your PC with all your stored files is more practical.


If you’re a big fan of social networking, internet surfing and cloud computing in general, the Chromebook is right for you. But, if you need a computer for gaming, video/photo editing, business or office-tasks, it’s a smarter choice to simply replace the damaged component of your PC.


To put a little bit of you in your Chromebook, you can buy laptop skins, stickers, or maybe even carry it in a stylish case or sleeve. But for a higher level of customization, sticking with your old PC is a good idea, because you can add equipment that specifically suits your needs.

Now that you know your options, it’s easier for you to decide whether you’ll move on with the sleek, trendy Chromebook or hang on to your loyal desktop computer by reviving it with a new Lucent fan tray or Dell motherboard from a leading supplier like Code Micro. Whatever you decide, make sure that your needs come first, wants second and luxuries last.

What to Consider When Buying Refurbished Computers Parts Such as a Lucent Fan Tray

Many corporations discontinue the use of their computers after three to four years of service. While these machines and their internal components may be outdated, they may still have something to offer a business organization. Old computers purchased from a professional refurbishing company like Code Micro, use hardware such as the IBM PSeries parts to make these machines look and function like new.

The main reason you should consider purchasing refurbished machines is for cost-savings. Refurbished computers typically cost 20 to 50% less than brand new ones. You can find refurbished desktops, laptops, handheld devices, and almost any kind of hardware in a wide array of models and specifications. While you can buy entire refurbished computers, you could save even more by buying computer parts individually and assembling the system yourself.

Does this mean that you should run out and get yourself a refurbished computer the next time your office requires a new PC? Perhaps, but you shouldn’t do so without planning ahead and doing some research. Below are some of the considerations you’ll need to think about when buying refurbished computers.


IBM XSeries Parts cost almost $350 when brand new; but you can get them for less than $200 when refurbished. This illustrates how much you can save if you were to go refurbished. If your company is in need of 50 such units, the amount saved would be rather significant.


Reputable refurbishing companies can provide the same warranty coverage for the new and refurbished computer products they sell. Therefore, in terms of warranty, you’re not really losing anything by opting for refurbished computers. If warranty is important to you, make sure to buy your refurbished computer parts from a reputable company.


Refurbished computers are formerly defective computers which have been restored by replacing the defective parts with new ones. They are then tested for like-new functionality before they are sold. When refurbished parts are tested, it is not only the replacement parts that are tested, but the entire system. Put simply, a refurbished Lucent Fan Tray will function as if it were brand new. Again, be sure to buy only from reputable refurbishing companies to ensure that you have problem-free computers.




Extending Computer Life with Wholesale Computer Parts

As you know, personal computers have become indispensable parts of homes, schools, and businesses. They are regularly used for programming, publishing, entertainment, education, and a host of other productive activities. Computers also allow individuals to easily and efficiently communicate with each other regardless of geographic barriers.

Sadly most computers are not designed to remain optimal for the long haul. In fact, the average desktop computer is expected to last for only 3 to 5 years depending on the make and model. Computer longevity is affected by several factors such as extent and frequency of use, programs and applications used, exposure to heat and humidity, and the amount of dust and debris it accrues over time. If you think your PC has been performing poorly lately or has started to display errors it is wise to start looking at wholesale computer parts.

NIC Card 105-1112-100  to enhancement computer functionality

wholesale computers parts extend the life of your computer

Computers are somewhat like vehicles: their parts suffer wear and tear from regular usage. Basically, deteriorating parts should be replaced before they cause worse problems. Two computer components on the priority list are the power supply and CPU fan.

The power supply is the component responsible for converting alternating current (A/C) to direct current (D/C), which is what a computer needs to operate. Old and overused systems occasionally experience blown power supplies which need replacement. Added security for underrated or long-running internal power supplies can be provided by plugging the computer into an uninterruptible power supply or UPS, rather than directly into a wall outlet. The APC UPS Battery is a smart choice because it enables a PC to operate for some time if the building’s electricity goes down. This system also allows users to conduct proper shutdown of files and applications, minimizing the chance of losing unsaved data.

Once power supply issues are sorted out, next up is the CPU fan. Cooling fans ensure that PCs are working at their optimum conditions. CPUs run at great speeds reaching a few gigahertz, generating heat as the microprocessor does its work. Without an attached cooling fan, the CPU can overheat and start to malfunction dismally. Consider augmenting processor cooling by cooling the entire computer case’s interior with a fan tray unit. It is important to go for units that are known for their durability and unrivaled functionality.

Maintaining a computer at its optimum performance level is tough work. Luckily, it doesn’t require extensive IT knowledge to keep a PC up and running. The least you can do is to have key replacement parts available when something breaks down unexpectedly. Shop around our ecommerce site for computer parts which range from anything from a Lucent Fan Tray to EMC hard drives.