Purchasing Refurbished Dell PowerEdge Motherboard for Big Businesses

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The livelihood and profitability of computer companies rely on convincing you to purchase the latest and greatest versions of their products. However, is purchasing the latest and greatest absolutely necessary? The truth is, for many if not most computer users, refurbished and used computer parts—like a refurbished Dell PowerEdge motherboard—will do just fine.

This practice of purchasing refurbished parts is even more valuable for large manufacturing businesses who need cheap and reliable computer components such as routers, servers, storage devices and the like. Companies spend large amounts of money on proprietary software, which is critical for their business to function properly and often that valuable software isn’t compatible with the newer devices. Moving to the latest computer models usually mean these companies have to upgrade their software and processes as well—which can be expensive and extremely risky. That’s why many companies want to keep their old equipment running as long as possible.

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But what if a component breaks down? Thankfully, there’s a place they can turn to solve this problem. There’s a whole industry that caters to the used, unused, and refurbished computer component market. For large companies, buying used and refurbished parts can equall significant savings.

Thanks to technology, it’s quite easy to find a refurbished computer parts supplier All you have to do is use an Internet search engine, type in “used” or “refurbished” and add the name of the computer part you want to purchase, and you’ll have your results instantly. These results will likely be links to various refurbished computer sellers, and you are free to choose which among them you want to do business with.

Since you will be likely ordering refurbished parts online, it’s important to make sure that the supplier’s website is SSL secured. SSL encrypts the information you send so that your financial information won’t fall into the wrong hands. Check the supplier’s website for a logo that says they provide SSL security

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Exploring Motherboards, the Heart of the Desktop Computer

Among all the components in a desktop computer setup the motherboard is probably the most essential. It consists of a large, flat circuit board inside the computer to which all the other parts are connected. Think of it as the heart of the computer, as it gives life to all the other components of the machine. The ports and sockets in a motherboard allow peripheral devices such as the keyboard and mouse and output devices like monitors and printers to communicate with the system. Principally it houses the microprocessor which is regarded as the brain of the computer.

Dell SystemBoard for PowerEdge servers

Dell PowerEdge Motherboard

For any component to work, it has to connect to the motherboard so it can communicate with the system. Unlike the components of laptop computers, most desktop motherboards share the same dimensions—one can name the type of motherboard simply by analyzing the form factor of the circuit board. What factors should one consider when thinking of buying a motherboard for a desktop computer?

You cannot simply buy a new motherboard and stuff it into the computer casing expecting it to work as flawlessly as the original one. To get the most out of the motherboard you plan to buy you must be familiar with the different components of a motherboard. Knowledge of the working parts of the motherboard will allow you to find hardware that is compatible with your current setup.

There are two main parts in the motherboards classified according to immovability. For instance, Dell motherboards have “onboard” parts soldered directly into the circuit board. These also include integrated components such as microchips and sockets. Then there are plug-in components that can be detached at will and designed to allow upgrades of personalized Dell parts and components.

There are instances where plugins are so popular that newer motherboard iterations have fully integrated them in the design. Some companies manufacture motherboards for home use, sporting only the most essential ports. Others, like the Dell PowerEdge motherboard, are tailored for enterprise-grade machines that can do billions of instructions per second.

Thus it is best to ascertain that your machine is compatible with the motherboard you have eyed for a while. Practice the helpful habit of checking official documents on the Internet for next-generation models of the same motherboard brand. For instance, the PowerEdge motherboards mentioned earlier are only compatible with a line of servers manufactured by Dell (also called PowerEdge). Thus purchasing Dell computer parts would not work on a tower-mounted Lenovo ThinkServer but would function perfectly with Dell systems.