Important Terms You Need to Know for Product Descriptions Like “DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950”

Important Terms You Need to Know for Product Descriptions Like “DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950”

When shopping for computer hardware from established online providers like Code Micro, you’ll face not only numerous device options, but with descriptions and terminology you’ve never heard before. Many times these descriptions include strings of numbers and words that have no meaning. For instance, if you’re looking for a hard drive for your PowerEdge server, you might find a detailed product description including terms like dependable DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950. Unless you’re a computer nerd (like us o_O) this description will leave you with a lifted eyebrow and completely puzzled. So, in order to help make sense of this computer jargon, we’re going to review only the essential terms and brands you should be familiar with.

Dell: The Multinational Corporation

Dell, Inc. is a global company that’s been around since 1984 developing, producing and selling electronics and computer components. They’re a top brand in the industry and one of our favorite to recommend. As of the latest survey, Dell has a total revenue of $63 billion and owns over a dozen subsidiaries. These stats alone attest to the company’s credibility and success.

PowerEdge: Dell’s Server Product Line

When discussing servers from Dell, PowerEdge (PE) is the name you’re looking for. Always be sure to check that the hard drive you’re about to purchase is compatible with your server to ensure optimum function. PowerEdge servers are available in tower, blade or rack-mounted configurations.

SAS: Serial Attached SCSI

If you’re searching for hard drives, you may encounter the usual “SAS vs. SATA.” Basically, SAS drives are similar to SATA drives in form, but SAS offer a number of performance advantages. Where SAS drives are usually preferred for high-speed servers and workstations, SATA disks, on the other hand, are mainly used for storage.

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute

Each time you turn on a computer it’s not unusual for you to hear the hard drive in action. A drive’s RPM is reflective of its access time; the higher the RPM, the faster the data can be accessed and loaded. Presently, 7,200 rpm is the standard for consumer hard drives. Hence, a 15k rpm disk from Dell would run practically at the speed of lightning.

By understanding at least the terms enumerated above, reading a product description such as high-quality DELL JC885 146GB Hard Drive (SAS, 15K, 3.5IN) for Dell PowerEdge 295 we hope will be less mind-boggling than before. Just remember you know you’re purchasing a top-class gadget from a well-known manufacturer – just by seeing the words DELL, SAS, and 15k rpm.

The Importance of the Sun Motherboard and Other Computer Parts

Like most products of modern technology, a computer is only as good as the sum of its parts. It may sound like a marketing cliché, but the concept is as true as can be. As technology advances, continuous upgrades of your computer equipment will be necessary to keep up with your new technological needs.  Fortunately, hard to find computer parts like the DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950 can be found online from reputable suppliers like Code Micro.

Indeed, if you own a computer and it begins to malfunction, your first impulse would be to look for the necessary replacements. Often times this may prove to be challenging, especially if you need a specialized component like a hard drive.

But what is a hard drive anyway; and what makes it so vital to the computer’s function? A hard drive—otherwise known as a hard disk or HDD—is the storage medium for the entire computer’s files and programs; in other words, it is the brain that governs the system. A hard drive malfunction could affect the operational capabilities of the whole system.

Furthermore, hard drives can be damaged by even the slightest handling lapses. Fortunately, replacements can do wonders for your computer, which brings us to another important computer component—the computer memory. The computer memory, or random access memory (RAM), is housed in computer chips mounted onto the motherboard. If applicable, a Sun Memory upgrade can provide your computer with all the additional gigabytes you may need for complex computer processes.

The computer memory, located in a small rectangular chip, will also need to be replaced at some point in time. We would even go so far to say that some computer technicians replace memory chips every time they work on computers to ensure the continued optimum functionality of the system.

Of course, nothing surpasses the importance of the motherboard in your computer system. This is the component which serves as the base to which all other computer components and devices are connected. Should you be interested in having your computer run faster, a Sun Motherboard upgrade is the right move. A new motherboard will have you computer processing information very quickly and will make working on your computer much easier.