Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Business in San Diego for 2012

Our team at Code Micro was awarded a coveted spot on the San Diego Business Journal Top 100 Fastest growing business. The award ceremony was this past July 12 on Paradise Island in Mission Bay, San Diego.

A shout-out and congratulations to all team members at for making this award possible! And of course a big ‘thank you’ to all our loyal customers, IT pros and geeks, for making this all happen, we couldn’t have done it without you.  It is our honor and passion to be able to work with and serve you, providing quality refurbished computer parts worldwide.

Three Hardware Devices for Internet Connection and Server Access

The Internet is nothing short of a miracle realm. With sufficient speed and connection stability, you can download or upload a steady stream of information – without losing a bit of it. This is made possible through powerful terminal servers. Technically terminal servers are very simple devices that offer no security or functionality such as user authentication and data encryption. One example is Digit 70001527 Etherlite 16 Terminal Server w/power supply, a product that can be found on our ecommerce site here. This device, like other terminal servers, enables organizations to connect devices with an RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232 serial interface to local area networks (LAN). The use of a terminal server means that each terminal on the network doesn’t need its own network interface card or modem. Some terminal servers can handle 128 terminals.

A terminal server’s primary application is to allow serial devices to gain access to network server applications, and vice versa, where data security is not issue. The market currently abounds in terminal servers with advanced security functions; this ensures that all data transmitted across a LAN is encrypted, and that only qualified personnel can access specific servers.

Digi Hostess

Digi Terminal Servers

Historically, terminal servers trace their roots from Digital Equipment Corporation, an American computer systems provider. This company, which was later acquired by Compaq, created other terminal servers. Examples of DEC’s products are the DECserver100, DECserver 200, and DECserver 300.

Aside from the Digi 70001527 Etherlite terminal server, internet access and speed can also be improved through a Digi 77000012 Com/8i XI ISA 8 port. Like all serial ports, this model acts as a physical interface for serial communication, through which information is transferred one bit at a time. The term serial port is usually identified with hardware that complies with RS-232. RS-232 is the traditional name for a series of standards for serial binary single-ended data and control signals commonly used in serial ports.

In the past, an RS-232 port was a standard feature of PCs which allows them to connect to printers, modems, data storage and other peripheral devices. However, RS-232 ports were hampered by problems like limited transmission speeds, large standard connectors, and large voltage swings. This prompted manufacturers to replace them with a “universal serial bus”.

With devices such as the Eltek H2500A2-VV Eltek Valere 48v 50a H Series Rectifiers, the triad in providing superb internet connection is complete. Like all rectifiers, this product works by converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) through a process called “rectification”. Using these devices, you can expect internet and network access to be faster and easier.

Exploring Motherboards, the Heart of the Desktop Computer

Among all the components in a desktop computer setup the motherboard is probably the most essential. It consists of a large, flat circuit board inside the computer to which all the other parts are connected. Think of it as the heart of the computer, as it gives life to all the other components of the machine. The ports and sockets in a motherboard allow peripheral devices such as the keyboard and mouse and output devices like monitors and printers to communicate with the system. Principally it houses the microprocessor which is regarded as the brain of the computer.

Dell SystemBoard for PowerEdge servers

Dell PowerEdge Motherboard

For any component to work, it has to connect to the motherboard so it can communicate with the system. Unlike the components of laptop computers, most desktop motherboards share the same dimensions—one can name the type of motherboard simply by analyzing the form factor of the circuit board. What factors should one consider when thinking of buying a motherboard for a desktop computer?

You cannot simply buy a new motherboard and stuff it into the computer casing expecting it to work as flawlessly as the original one. To get the most out of the motherboard you plan to buy you must be familiar with the different components of a motherboard. Knowledge of the working parts of the motherboard will allow you to find hardware that is compatible with your current setup.

There are two main parts in the motherboards classified according to immovability. For instance, Dell motherboards have “onboard” parts soldered directly into the circuit board. These also include integrated components such as microchips and sockets. Then there are plug-in components that can be detached at will and designed to allow upgrades of personalized Dell parts and components.

There are instances where plugins are so popular that newer motherboard iterations have fully integrated them in the design. Some companies manufacture motherboards for home use, sporting only the most essential ports. Others, like the Dell PowerEdge motherboard, are tailored for enterprise-grade machines that can do billions of instructions per second.

Thus it is best to ascertain that your machine is compatible with the motherboard you have eyed for a while. Practice the helpful habit of checking official documents on the Internet for next-generation models of the same motherboard brand. For instance, the PowerEdge motherboards mentioned earlier are only compatible with a line of servers manufactured by Dell (also called PowerEdge). Thus purchasing Dell computer parts would not work on a tower-mounted Lenovo ThinkServer but would function perfectly with Dell systems.

Extending Computer Life with Wholesale Computer Parts

As you know, personal computers have become indispensable parts of homes, schools, and businesses. They are regularly used for programming, publishing, entertainment, education, and a host of other productive activities. Computers also allow individuals to easily and efficiently communicate with each other regardless of geographic barriers.

Sadly most computers are not designed to remain optimal for the long haul. In fact, the average desktop computer is expected to last for only 3 to 5 years depending on the make and model. Computer longevity is affected by several factors such as extent and frequency of use, programs and applications used, exposure to heat and humidity, and the amount of dust and debris it accrues over time. If you think your PC has been performing poorly lately or has started to display errors it is wise to start looking at wholesale computer parts.

NIC Card 105-1112-100  to enhancement computer functionality

wholesale computers parts extend the life of your computer

Computers are somewhat like vehicles: their parts suffer wear and tear from regular usage. Basically, deteriorating parts should be replaced before they cause worse problems. Two computer components on the priority list are the power supply and CPU fan.

The power supply is the component responsible for converting alternating current (A/C) to direct current (D/C), which is what a computer needs to operate. Old and overused systems occasionally experience blown power supplies which need replacement. Added security for underrated or long-running internal power supplies can be provided by plugging the computer into an uninterruptible power supply or UPS, rather than directly into a wall outlet. The APC UPS Battery is a smart choice because it enables a PC to operate for some time if the building’s electricity goes down. This system also allows users to conduct proper shutdown of files and applications, minimizing the chance of losing unsaved data.

Once power supply issues are sorted out, next up is the CPU fan. Cooling fans ensure that PCs are working at their optimum conditions. CPUs run at great speeds reaching a few gigahertz, generating heat as the microprocessor does its work. Without an attached cooling fan, the CPU can overheat and start to malfunction dismally. Consider augmenting processor cooling by cooling the entire computer case’s interior with a fan tray unit. It is important to go for units that are known for their durability and unrivaled functionality.

Maintaining a computer at its optimum performance level is tough work. Luckily, it doesn’t require extensive IT knowledge to keep a PC up and running. The least you can do is to have key replacement parts available when something breaks down unexpectedly. Shop around our ecommerce site for computer parts which range from anything from a Lucent Fan Tray to EMC hard drives.

For the Best Possible Upgrades, Buy Computer Parts Online

This may seem crazy, but it is true nevertheless (and it shows the importance of computers in our personal and professional lives):  many people these days value their personal computers as they do their cars. When anything goes wrong, computer users panic and seek immediate repair. Fortunately, hardware malfunctions can be addressed quickly with the present facility of ordering computer parts online.

Dell poweredge replacement parts

buy computer parts online to maintain your computer in optimum condition

Motoring enthusiasts acquire specialized accessories to optimize their vehicle’s performance and appearance. Hence, they upgrade their engines, modify suspensions and brakes, or get customized paint and detailing jobs. Similarly, tech geeks would want to obtain specialized  components to optimize their computers’ performance. Many avid computer owners want to upgrade several components to enhance functionality.

First among the possible upgrades is the motherboard. The motherboard is what most of the other computer parts are plugged into, having slots to accommodate components such as the RAM, IDE/SATA drives, and video cards. However, upgrading the motherboard is best left to tech-savvy professionals—at it is almost tantamount to rebuilding the entire computer.

Another possible upgrade would be the main computer chip or microprocessor, itself, referred to as the CPU or Central Processing Unit. The CPU is to computers what a brain is to humans—it does all the processing of data, performs calculations, and controls most of the functions of the system. If  you are looking for a microprocessor or other “Computer parts wholesale” then we can certainly help you out. And please don’t be shy to ask us any spec questions you might have about your computer and or any of our parts. That is what we are here for.

The Power Supply Unit or PSU is another computer component which can be upgraded. It provides appropriate electric current to various components of the whole system. PSUs are rated by the amperes they put out; so you should determine the specifications of the other components of your computer to make sure that you get the proper connections and wattage.

Meanwhile, the hard drive is another component for possible upgrade. It is used for long term storage and retrieval of all your data. If you want to upgrade your hard drive for increased storage, you need to purchase one with the proper connections. Replacement drives are easy to bolt in place.

The RAM or Random Access Memory can also be enhanced for improved performance. This temporary or short term memory is necessary for the system to run and for the CPU to process a large amount of data. Possible upgrades depend on the number of slots the computer has and the maximum memory size each slot supports. Of course replacing all these parts can become expensive quickly. In order to save money you may want to search our site for used computer parts to minimize your upgrade expenses.