Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 Troubleshooting

If we were to assign your computer different organs in direct relation to the human body the “brain” and “nervous system”, would be known as the processor and motherboard. Now this may be a strange comparison but it may help you to understand how computers function.

Most problems with laptops such as the HP Pavilion DV2500, are related to system crashes and extremely frustrating and slow start-ups. These problems are normally associated with the processor or motherboard. Generally, when motherboards like the Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 are functioning incorrectly there is no fixing them. Instead you’ll need to buy replacement parts.

Anytime your computer is having a problem you should perform diagnostic tests for your computer’s random access memory (RAM) and hard drive. To do this, press “F10” immediately after powering up, click the “Diagnostics” menu, and click “Hard Disk Self Test”. If nothing comes up, try clicking “Memory Test”. If you don’t see this option well then your hard drive needs replacement.

If running the “Memory Test” detects an error, it could be the RAM that is defective and in need of replacement. If your laptop still experiences problems despite having passed both diagnostic tests, there could be something wrong with the drivers. Before you check the drivers, boot your computer in Safe mode, create a restore point for each of them by (1) clicking “Start”; (2) typing and clicking “System Restore” in the search bar, and; (3) selecting the most recent restore points. Afterwards, type and click “Device Manager” in the Start menu’s search bar, check the drivers for errors, follow the instructions for troubleshooting, and restart your laptop.

Often times the problem with your laptop is simply related to ventilation. For some reason dust loves to accumulate on electronics. This accumulation of dust can hamper the free passage of cooling air, or even stop the fan, thereby overheating the system. Try using a compressed air can to spray away all that unwanted dusk from your keyboard and from other places on your computer once a week to prevent dust accumulation. If you still experience problems after a good dusting then you should probably replace your HP laptop fan with the Lucent KS-23912 L6 Fan.

We would like to remind all non-computer component experts that we advise consulting with one of our specialists prior to ever replacing an old computer part. Replacing a component may seem straight forward but often times it is anything but.

Maximize your Profit by Buying Computer Parts Wholesale

When it comes to buying and reselling computer parts there is not much room for profit. Small computer parts retailers really don’t have many options. They face the challenge of buying parts in bulk in order to receive better pricing from the manufacturer but by doing so lock up their capital in inventory. On the flip side, buying smaller amounts of product means paying more per unit so that there is less profit per unit sold. As a small computer retailer what are you to do?

The answer is find a manufacturer or otherwise large distributor that will sell you computer parts wholesale in smaller quantities so that you don’t tie up excess capital in inventory and so that you can still realize as much profit as possible reselling these parts to the consumer. At Code Micro we sell computer parts online at discounted prices and at wholesale prices in order to help out those smaller retail business owners. We also offer up-to-date information on the latest hardware trends and other important industry information that can help you further your business.

For example, when buying computer parts, you have the choice of buying them brand new or refurbished. Buying refurbished computer parts is a great way to save on costs. They offer a lot of advantages. For one thing, they perform like new. Plus they can cost 20 to 50% less than their brand new counterparts. Depending upon the parts themselves they also include a warranty to minimize your risk of choosing a used part.

Buying and selling used computer parts at wholesale prices can be a great business model.  The best and biggest online distributors can supply you with whatever computer part you many need, be it HP, Acer, IBM, Toshiba, Lenovo, or Dell parts, among others and you can resell these parts to the end consumer.

What is most important is that you find a reliable and high quality supplier that offers parts at extremely affordable prices. At Code Micro we are one such supplier and would love to assist you in your business endeavors. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have regarding online computer parts and we will be sure to supply you the answer you are looking for.

What to Consider When Buying Refurbished Computers Parts Such as a Lucent Fan Tray

Many corporations discontinue the use of their computers after three to four years of service. While these machines and their internal components may be outdated, they may still have something to offer a business organization. Old computers purchased from a professional refurbishing company like Code Micro, use hardware such as the IBM PSeries parts to make these machines look and function like new.

The main reason you should consider purchasing refurbished machines is for cost-savings. Refurbished computers typically cost 20 to 50% less than brand new ones. You can find refurbished desktops, laptops, handheld devices, and almost any kind of hardware in a wide array of models and specifications. While you can buy entire refurbished computers, you could save even more by buying computer parts individually and assembling the system yourself.

Does this mean that you should run out and get yourself a refurbished computer the next time your office requires a new PC? Perhaps, but you shouldn’t do so without planning ahead and doing some research. Below are some of the considerations you’ll need to think about when buying refurbished computers.


IBM XSeries Parts cost almost $350 when brand new; but you can get them for less than $200 when refurbished. This illustrates how much you can save if you were to go refurbished. If your company is in need of 50 such units, the amount saved would be rather significant.


Reputable refurbishing companies can provide the same warranty coverage for the new and refurbished computer products they sell. Therefore, in terms of warranty, you’re not really losing anything by opting for refurbished computers. If warranty is important to you, make sure to buy your refurbished computer parts from a reputable company.


Refurbished computers are formerly defective computers which have been restored by replacing the defective parts with new ones. They are then tested for like-new functionality before they are sold. When refurbished parts are tested, it is not only the replacement parts that are tested, but the entire system. Put simply, a refurbished Lucent Fan Tray will function as if it were brand new. Again, be sure to buy only from reputable refurbishing companies to ensure that you have problem-free computers.




The Sun Motherboard and Its Mother Load of Acronyms Demystified

When you look at a motherboard, it’s as if you’re looking at a city block of circuits and electronics. In a way, a motherboard like the Sun Motherboard links every part of the “cyber city” also known as the computer to enable it to function efficiently as a whole unit. Components such as memory cards, processors, and video cards are all attached to the motherboard.

One interesting thing about the motherboard is that it seems to be fond of using acronyms. A normal motherboard has acronyms such as IDE, BIOS, SATA, and PCI in fine print. In fact, you often come across these acronyms in troubleshooting sites or when visiting a computer store. So, what exactly are they?

Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)

The PCI is a component often overlooked when talking about computers. If not for the PCI, your Call of Duty or Battlefield gaming experience will nowhere be near as good as what is shown in the trailers. Among its chief functions is that it provides the slot in which peripheral devices such as your graphics cards as well as video and sounds connection can be attached.

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)

Have you noticed that, when you boot up your computer, it makes quick inspections right before starting Windows? That’s the BIOS at work, conducting what is called a power-on self test to see if everything is in working order. An example of a BIO system might be a MOTOROLA MC7090-PK0DCQFA7WR MC7090 TERM:2D WLAN 128/128 TERM QRTY WM5 BT 1X . This system assigns functions to the hardware once the initial power-on self tests have been completed.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

You see this acronym often associated with hard drives because the SATA pertains to the connector which links the hard drive to the motherboard. Replacing the Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE), the SATA can handle larger amounts of data despite being smaller than the EIDE. Fewer wires means less chance of electrical wires interfering with each other—a happening dubbed as crosstalk in tech lingo.

If ever you are looking for an understanding of Sun Memory or other hard-to-find computer components we can certainly help you at Code Micro. As tech lingo continues to change and components and integrations are upgraded we will be here to help translate the computer talk so that everybody can understand how their computers work.

Maintaining Your Hewlett Packard System Board

In this day and age, maintaining your computer should be one of your highest priorities. After all, you can hardly perform your daily tasks and projects, or gather resources and communicate with colleagues, without a reliable computer within reach. In order to ensure that your HP is running at its optimal level it’s important to protect and take good care of the computer itself. Your Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 or system board for short is the most vital component of your computer. Protect this component with careful transportation of the computer itself, allowing your computer to rest, and installing the most recent updates.

Transporting Your Computer

Be very careful when carrying your computer from location to location. One of the first computer care tips you’ll ever learn is to avoid dropping or bumping your unit at all costs—this can cause damage to the internal components. Also be sure not to place any heavy objects or anything for that matter on top of your computer. Weight on your computer is often times enough to cause minor damage.

Turning It Off

Allowing your computer to rest after hours of non-stop usage can help lengthen its lifespan and increase its efficiency. Before powering the computer off, remember to check if the hard drive’s light is still on; turning off the unit without taking this precaution can cause loss or corruption of saved data and other files.

Installing Updates

A computer works best when it has the latest software installed. Updating your system to the newest software will help your computer to operate more efficiently and will alleviate otherwise additional stress of running old operating systems. It’s advisable to have a reliable technician do this for you since some of the software updates and the installation process itself can be complex and confusing for an average user. Ask your computer technician to conduct a monthly tune up to ensure optimal functionality. We would recommend an upgrade to IBM PSeries Parts if your system is running slow.

Protecting Your DELL PC to Ensure Optimum Computer Performance

In the past, computers were mostly used to accomplish and systematize processes like payroll processing, airline ticketing, banking, and other institutional applications. These days, however, no one can deny the necessity of computers for work-related and personal use. In fact, from April to June 2012, around 3.6 million DELL personal computers were sold in the United States according to International Data Corporation.


Computers require proper and regular care to function smoothly and efficiently. One component that should be handled with care is the motherboard, also known as the system board, which is the very heart of the system to which all other computer parts connect. If a DELL computer breaks down, it may be due to a defective motherboard, and a DELL YU413 Dell Latitude E6500 system board may be purchased as replacement. However, be sure to check the system board’s compatibility with the memory.


The hard disk is another vital element since it is where programs and files are installed, stored, and accessed. When a hard disk breaks down, the files it contains may become unreadable or worse, lost forever. To ensure the hard disk doesn’t develop any problems, buy computer accessories and parts only from reliable vendors like Code Micro.


To minimize the risk of data loss and hard disk malfunctions, set up redundancy measures such as disk arrays that can connect multiple hard drives. The most utilized disk array technology is RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), which enables you to store damaged files without affecting other files. Installing a RAID system such as the DELL TD977 PERC 4e/DC Dual Channel U320 LVD SCSI RAID Controller BBU can enhance your computer’s performance.


Looking to transfer files between computers? You might want to use hot swappable devices that can be connected to a computer without requiring special software. The most common hot swappable device is the universal serial bus (USB) flash drive.


When large files cannot fit on a USB drive then a portable hard drive may prove handy. You can then connect multiple hard drives with a serial advanced technology attachment, or SATA. To ensure that the SATA is properly connected to a computer, use a device such as the DELL X2689 74GB SCSI 80-pin with 1 hot swap tray.

Why Used Computer Parts are as Functional as Brand New Parts

Computers have made their mark in modern living. Everyday activities like research, entertainment, shopping, education, and many other functions would be rather difficult without the internet and without computers. Unfortunately computers are fragile, break down easy, and are subject to viruses and other malfunctions.

Desktop computers, in particular, have an average lifespan of about 3 to 5 years. Their lifespan is ultimately dependent upon variables like amount of usage, environmental heat and humidity, dust, insects, and computer viruses.

There are precautions computer owners can take to help extend the lifetime of their computer. However computers sometimes break for no particular reason. Should you experience your computer having troubles you should act immediately to fix the problem. Although new computer parts are often expensive, used computer parts work just as well and are not.

Code Micro offers new and used computer parts for various PC models. We sell virtually every computer part there is; from motherboards, CPUs, and video cards to peripheral and output devices like printers, keyboards, and scanners. Although installing used parts in your desktop computer may sound a little contemptible at first, tech-savvy owners and computer geeks would beg to differ. Just know you don’t have to pay for expensive brand new parts.

At CodeMicro we are industry experts and never sell obsolete or dysfunctional used products. Everything in our inventory undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before being released to the market. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and besides offering used parts we also sell wholesale computer parts at lower prices to meet customers’ needs.

No matter what computer part you need replaced it is almost always safe to assume that a used part can work just as well as a replacement part if you choose to buy from the right seller. At Code Micro we carry the latest and greatest computer parts such as a Zebra Thermal Printer for instance and can surely help you find the parts that you’re looking for at a price you prefer. Just remember that new doesn’t always mean better.

Code Micro Offers Free Super Saver Shipping for Computer Parts

Oceanside, CA (August 14, 2012) — Leading computer parts company Code Micro is offering its free Super Saver shipping service for consumers who order computer parts online from Code Micro’s store. Code Micro is one of the biggest vendors of new and refurbished computer parts.

Many consumers find various dealers selling computer parts wholesale or retail who charge shipping and handling fees. In an economy that is still touch and go, some dealers compete by lowering their upfront prices. Others unjustly compensate for lower prices by sacrificing the quality of their product.

Code Micro goes against this seeming tide by shipping wholesale computer parts ordered thru their website for free through its Super Saver shipping service. Best of all, there is no minimum amount of purchase and there is no sacrifice in the quality of their product. You should still expect only the highest quality computer parts when you order from Code Micro along with great customer service. The only stipulation on the Super Saving shipping service is that this offer is only good for orders under 50 lbs in weight.

Code Micro aims to extends the Super Saver Shipping service to a wide customer base who order computer parts online. They are currently offering this deal within the continental United States only but are considering other destinations based on market demand.

Customers who order computer parts wholesale from Code Micro can expect an estimated delivery time of 7 to 10 business days. For consumers who want an expedited delivery, they may opt to take advantage of Code Micro’s enhanced shipping options during the online checkout process.

Further details of their free Super Saver shipping service can be found online at Code Micro’s website. All wholesale computer parts come with a 30-day money back guarantee and are backed by a hassle-free return policy. For more on their products and services, go to http://www.codemicro.com.

About Code Micro, Inc.

Since 1994, Code Micro, Inc. has been helping consumers locate and order hard-to-find new and used IT products that may no longer be in production. They offer quality replacement parts for computers from top brands such as Acer, Dell, HP, and more.

Meet Stanley: Innovative Ways of using Old Technology

Now here is a very creative and fun way of using old technology (i.e. an old fashioned piano) in a new, innovative way by utilizing new technology.  This hit our radar because our team at Code Micro specializes in selling computer parts online and thus we are passionate about using old technologies for new applications.

Meet Stanley the Piano.

What (or who) is  Stanley?  Stanley is a player piano that takes requests via Twitter.  Check it out and try it for yourself. Also make sure to click on the “how it works” link, this is very cool.

This is also a great segue to the series of product spotlights we will begin here on our blog (we will also Tweet and post Facebook), in which our team  at Code Micro reviews discontinued computer parts and we will take a look at the innovative ways IT pros and geeks use replacement computer parts to maintain and prolong the life of IT gear. Stay tuned!

And kudos to the geeks at StanleyPiano.com for making Stanley come alive!

Press Release: Code Micro Offers New & Used Hard-to-Find IT Products

From our Press Release Desk:

Oceanside, CA (July 23, 2012) – Code Micro, Inc., a leading provider of computer parts online, is offering new and used hard-to-find Information Technology (IT) products and replacement parts. Code Micro, Inc. is the top provider of IT products and services in Oceanside, California.

Since 1994, they have been committed to providing rare, high quality computer parts and other IT products from the top manufacturers in the industry. They maintain a huge product inventory that includes over 1.6 million products of various types and from different brands.


specializing in computer replacements parts online since 1994.

Code Micro is recognized in the industry for their huge assortment of new and used computer parts and other IT products. The products they offer include server motherboards, computer hard drives, LCD screens and monitors, external and internal drives, computer storage systems, and memory upgrades. They also cater to customers hoping to buy various computer parts wholesale.

Code Micro carries some of the most popular brands in the IT industry. They offer Dell computer parts as well as rare units from Gateway, Acer, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Lexmark, and Cisco, among others.

Customers looking for Dell computer parts and similar products may also choose to purchase high quality refurbished equipment from Code Micro. For every purchase of refurbished equipment, the company gives part of the sale to the Arbor Day Foundation, a charity that they support.

computer parts wholesale

committed to providing rare, high quality computer parts and other IT products

To learn more about the products and services that Code Micro offers, visit http://www.CodeMicro.com today! Place an order for computer parts online via their website or call them toll-free at 1-866-419-6615 for more information.

About Code Micro, Inc.

Code Micro, Inc. is a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) products and services. They specialize in hard-to-find computer products and replacement parts. Since 1994, they have been providing high quality computer parts and products combined with excellent customer service. They also sell computer parts at wholesale prices.

Visit www.codemicro.com today to find out more!