Why a Refurbished Dell PowerEdge Power Supply Is A Smart Replacement Move

Your web server performs powerful tasks to process requests and deliver pages, files and other data to computers over a local network or the Internet. As such, complex processing is essential to all business solutions and operations. Without complex processing, communication via email, cloud computing, social networks and the internet would be limited.

Choosing to have your own server to store data is a smart business decision. It’s not only the easiest way to store information, but certainly the safest. Although cloud storage has become popular in the last three years, there’s always the potential that sensitive information can be deleted or stolen by hackers when it’s not stored on your server. Imagine the headache of losing files or discovering that they’ve been leaked over the internet? Not only would this jeopardize your ability to do current work, but it would potentially jeopardize your relationships with clients.

Of course the downside to owning a server is that the machine itself requires maintenance and upkeep. Business owners have the option of paying technicians to regularly check the functionality of the server ,but this is an expensive service. Often, many small businesses take the responsibility for server maintenance on their own.

Should your company decide to take full responsibility for servicing your server, be sure to carefully monitor the processing speed, memory and storage of the system. Anytime the processing speed begins to slow, this could be a sign that the server is in need of a replacement part. Luckily, the part that usually requires replacement is the power unit. Oh yeah. This is a sigh of relief. Replacement parts for a server can be extremely difficult to diagnose otherwise.

When your server begins to fail due to a weakening power supply, we would almost always recommend our customers to consider a refurbished replacement part from a top-quality brand. In most cases, this part is a refurbished Dell Poweredge power supply replacement unit.

A refurbished Power Supply can serve as a direct replacement for the original part to supply power to other components in your Dell system. Because refurbished parts or units are supported by Dell Technical Support, these units fulfill the purpose of supplying optimal computing with additional processing, memory and storage to your computer. Best of all, they’re more affordable than new units and as long as you select a part manufactured by a high-quality brand, you won’t need to worry about sacrificing quality.

Refurbished spare parts are taken from Dell-branded systems that remain unused or have been returned. Once refurbished, they are tested and checked to ensure optimal quality. The units are then re-certified to comply with original Dell factory performance specifications. Here are the pros and cons of refurbished hardware:

Pro: Low Cost and Earth-friendliness

Restoring a power supply requires little overhead expense from the manufacturer. The savings they incur is passed down in the low price of the refurbished parts or units. In the absence of warranties, prices can be driven even lower. Buying refurbished also helps minimize waste. By reconditioning old power supply parts rather than disposing of them, less computer waste is introduced into the environment. Buying refurbished parts stretches the use of the materials, giving them second-life, instead of adding them to the 250 million tons of industrial wastes in landfills.

Con: No warranty

Some Dell sales and service dealers offer a 90-day limited hardware warranty to cover material and workmanship defects for refurbished parts or units. But for the most part, the guarantees do not extend to older repaired models. Since many parts are old models themselves, guaranteeing to replace them could pose some problems.

Refurbished parts also have the ability to breathe new life into your computer peripherals. Upgrading with technological advancements can turn your weak servers into powerhouses. Installing Dell Poweredge RAID controller cards amps your server’s performance, making it as if you had a new one.

Should you have any questions about choosing a good power supply replacement unit, please feel free to leave us a question in the comments below!

Important Terms You Need to Know for Product Descriptions Like “DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950”

Important Terms You Need to Know for Product Descriptions Like “DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950”

When shopping for computer hardware from established online providers like Code Micro, you’ll face not only numerous device options, but with descriptions and terminology you’ve never heard before. Many times these descriptions include strings of numbers and words that have no meaning. For instance, if you’re looking for a hard drive for your PowerEdge server, you might find a detailed product description including terms like dependable DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950. Unless you’re a computer nerd (like us o_O) this description will leave you with a lifted eyebrow and completely puzzled. So, in order to help make sense of this computer jargon, we’re going to review only the essential terms and brands you should be familiar with.

Dell: The Multinational Corporation

Dell, Inc. is a global company that’s been around since 1984 developing, producing and selling electronics and computer components. They’re a top brand in the industry and one of our favorite to recommend. As of the latest survey, Dell has a total revenue of $63 billion and owns over a dozen subsidiaries. These stats alone attest to the company’s credibility and success.

PowerEdge: Dell’s Server Product Line

When discussing servers from Dell, PowerEdge (PE) is the name you’re looking for. Always be sure to check that the hard drive you’re about to purchase is compatible with your server to ensure optimum function. PowerEdge servers are available in tower, blade or rack-mounted configurations.

SAS: Serial Attached SCSI

If you’re searching for hard drives, you may encounter the usual “SAS vs. SATA.” Basically, SAS drives are similar to SATA drives in form, but SAS offer a number of performance advantages. Where SAS drives are usually preferred for high-speed servers and workstations, SATA disks, on the other hand, are mainly used for storage.

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute

Each time you turn on a computer it’s not unusual for you to hear the hard drive in action. A drive’s RPM is reflective of its access time; the higher the RPM, the faster the data can be accessed and loaded. Presently, 7,200 rpm is the standard for consumer hard drives. Hence, a 15k rpm disk from Dell would run practically at the speed of lightning.

By understanding at least the terms enumerated above, reading a product description such as high-quality DELL JC885 146GB Hard Drive (SAS, 15K, 3.5IN) for Dell PowerEdge 295 we hope will be less mind-boggling than before. Just remember you know you’re purchasing a top-class gadget from a well-known manufacturer – just by seeing the words DELL, SAS, and 15k rpm.

Swapping Your Motherboard for the Dell DT021 Dell Systemboard for PowerEdge 2950 G2

The invention of the computer may just be the single most important electronic invention of all time. It’s hard to think of a device that serves more purpose both for communication, business, and recreational activities. A cell phone may be a close second but really a smart phone is essentially a smaller computer.

Sadly, computers aren’t indestructible. Somewhere down the line, they’ll break down and require repairs and or replacement parts. Problems range from simple software errors to debilitating hardware crashes. The most incapacitating defect is the kind that ruins the motherboard, which is why people have to use reliable parts such as the trustworthy Dell DT021 Dell Systemboard for PowerEdge 2950 G2.

In simpler terms, a motherboard (also known as a systemboard or mainboard, among other names) is that which connects other interior components such as a computer’s graphics card and RAM. It can’t be stressed enough that while the parts attached to the motherboard pull their own weight in their respective processes, the motherboard has the most difficult job; it serves not just as the assembly for the components but also relays information from the user’s input to the rest of them and vice-versa.

While it’s considered the central component of any PC, the motherboard has no direct impact on performance; it can only facilitate the processes of the other parts that do affect the PC’s performance. But that doesn’t mean replacing a motherboard is an easy job or inexpensive. In fact replacing a motherboard is a little bit of a hassle. First off, you must find a stable motherboard that can handle high heat but most importantly you must find one that is compatible and the correct size for your computer. The largest setback is they can be expensive parts when purchased brand new.

At CodeMicro we recommend our customers consider buying refurbished or used computers parts in effort to save money. Trusted brands, like Dell, produce high quality products that will function much better than a brand new part from a secondary brand. For example, a great replacement motherboard is the refurbished Dell HC578 Systemboard PowerEdge 2800/2850 V3. This replacement part will have your computer running perfectly and is much more affordable refurbished than if you purchased it brand new from a computer store.

Replacing your Old Power Supply with DELL 1M661 Poweredge 1750 Powersupply

In most modern workplaces, lasting a day without a computer is virtually impossible. Pun intended. Every day, millions of people use computers for various purposes such as education, marketing, research, entertainment, business, and much more. For this reason alone more people are becoming interested in computer updates, upgrades, and additional features to help make their device more efficient and easier to use.

Computers are highly susceptible to wear and tear because their parts can depreciate rapidly depending on the frequency and manner of usage. Factors like age, ventilation failure, sudden power outages, and dirt affect your computer’s performance and life span. We recommend if you use your computer daily (which is probably just about everyone reading this) that you should keep an eye on the power supply of your computer.

Power supply units are obviously important to your computer usage simply because without a power source your computer will run out of energy for which to operate. Power supply units operate by converting alternating current (A/C) to direct current (D/C), which is what every computer needs to run. Surprisingly however, power supply units fail relatively quickly compared to other computer parts. When your power supply unit fails we recommend looking online for a replacement part. Units such as the refurbished DELL 1M661 PowerEdge 1750 Powersupply  are affordable if you buy them online and will work as great replacement part.

How can you tell if the computer problem you are experiencing is related to your power supply unit? Well, generally speaking power supply unit damage is fairly easy to detect. Simply check if the power supply wires are attached to their intended ports. You may also use a device called a power supply tester that indicates whether the power supply unit is still capable of running your computer. If your power supply is connected to your computer and plugged into an electrical outlet but your computer is not recognizing the power source then you know the problem is related to your power supply unit.

Keep in mind when you are shopping for a replacement unit that not all power supply units are created equal. With the number of power supply units available in the market, you might easily purchase an incorrect unit for which you could end up wasting money and even damaging your computer in the process.

If you have no idea which power supply device works best for your computer, then be use to ask one of our experts here at Code Micro for assistance. We have a great understanding of replacement parts including hard-to-find Dell Computer parts for which their seems to be a great demand for this year!

Different Computer Parts from Online Retail Stores

Despite various improvements in processor performance and energy efficiency it is inevitable that your computer will one day succumb to wear and tear and break down. When a computer breaks down for the first time, most users make the mistake of replacing the entire device even if most of the computer components are still in perfect condition. To save yourself money what you should do when your computer breaks down is attempt to identify any bad computer parts. If you can identify a specific part that is no longer working then you can find high-quality computer parts online to replace the broken ones.

Replacing a standard computer part is not a tough job. However replacing a part within a rugged or custom built computer can be a bit of a challenge. Many custom build computers have specially designed parts that often times twice as small or even twice as large as their standard counterparts. Rugged computers for instance have parts that are normally much larger and which have greater exterior protection for which to protect the computer in harsh weather conditions.

Rugged computers for industrial or military applications often times use protective steel or aluminum coverings. It’s not everyday that you find steel to be a part of your computer’s exterior protection but for military applications it’s necessary. Finding rugged computer replacement parts is therefor no easy task.

Among all external computer parts, the power supply is considered to be of crucial importance and is most often a part that needs replacement before internal computer parts. Both desktop and rack-mount computers require uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units to prevent damage to the hard drive of the computer in the event of power surges. A typical high-quality, refurbished APC UPS battery is normally equipped with built-in fans to keep it cool during use and is our recommendation for the best replacement power supply unit.

Believe it or not the majority of computer problems can be fixed rather quickly and easily by replacing one or two small parts. Often times these parts retail at under $100 so you can understand that there is a lot of money to be saved if you are just able to identify the broken parts and replace only them instead of the entire computer itself.

Used Computer Parts and Their Value in Building a Gaming PC Rig

Computer Parts

Have you ever tried playing WarCraft on an older computer? If you have then you know it just doesn’t work out. At first you might think your computer has enough RAM to play the game with no lag but this doesn’t last long. As soon as you encounter your first attack your computer lags and as a result your opponent raids your base while you a watch color wheel on your screen.

Why does your older PC crash during a battle but not during the initial stages of the game? PCs crash during gaming due to the sheer amount of processing needed to churn out all those high-speed graphics. While PCs generally render graphics much better than game consoles, many games demand the best processing power money can buy. Since battle scenes have higher speed graphics your PC will normally lag at this stage of the game if it does not have enough processing power.

The good news is that due to their modular construction, PCs can be easily modified to accommodate all types of gaming. But while constructing a PC is one thing, knowing what parts to use for upgrades is another. So lets review the different computer parts online that you should consider purchasing for your older PC should you want to improve your gaming experience.

The Parts

Mind and Body: Processor and Motherboard

Every PC is built around a processor chip or central processing unit (CPU), which performs the complex calculations needed to run computing processes that make games work. Upgrading the processor will allow you to play games with high speed graphics without experiencing lag time.

A processor should be able to handle the stress of running games, but more importantly, it should be paired with a durable and compatible motherboard. Correspondingly, the motherboard should have several expansion slots to accommodate other components.

Heart and Soul: Video Card, Sound Card and RAM

Without a video card and a sound card, a PC cannot produce any screen picture, nor sound from its speakers. The right video and sound cards thus enable your PC to run highly advanced games with complete particle effects and full audio. We recommend purchasing used computer parts which include sound and video cards in order to save yourself money.

The Bling: Power Supply, Cooling, Peripherals, and Casings

Peripherals such as the PC’s casing, monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers should be purchased at your discretion and taste from reputable suppliers like Code Micro. In addition, your PC needs a reliable power supply that protects your computer from power surges. To avert other damage, good cooling and PC ventilation should also be carefully considered, as PCs tend to reach burning temperatures when running complex processes during exciting games such as Warcraft and Starcraft.

The Verdict

Building computers from the ground up doesn’t always come cheap. Yet it can be a fun and highly rewarding experience. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider purchasing computer parts wholesale. This will allow you to enjoy your gaming with better video, audio, and processing without breaking the bank.

A look Into The Thermal Printer Vs. The Thermal Transfer Printer

The advances in information and communications technology have certainly lent truth to the saying “the best things come in small packages.” Just think back to a few decades ago, when analog mobile phones were first launched. With protruding antennas and an overly thick shell those hulking behemoths could not even fit in your pants pocket.

Mobile phones have definitely come a long way in the last ten years. Even the trusty printer you use every day to print important documents now comes in sizes you wouldn’t have imagined possible. One of our favorite smaller sized printers is the Epson TM-T88IV-101 Printer Thermal T88IV USB/AC PS180.

Thermal Paper - AbstractInfluence

A thermal printer uses heated elements instead of traditional ink or laser print heads and is of much higher quality. You encounter thermal printing every day in the form of receipts from automated teller machines and retail point of sale (POS) terminals at your local supermarket. Bus and train services also use thermal printing technology to print tickets for commuters. Is it too much for us to say that thermal printers are becoming the norm?

Thermal printers come in two varieties: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers heat chemically saturated thermal paper that changes color when heated. Thermal printers such as the Epson TMT88IV-084 POS Thermal Printer(m129h) usually come in portable sizes and are used to print receipts and tickets, as well as employees’ daily time records.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printers are similar to the standard printers used at home or in the office. However, instead of ink cartridges, thermal transfer printers have inked ribbons that transfer the ink to a surface that needs to cool before it can produce texts or images. On the plus side, thermal transfer printers produce documents that are long-lasting, smudge-free, and can withstand extreme conditions. For these reasons, thermal transfer printers are great.

Over time though, a thermal printer may develop various kinds of mechanical problems.  When this happens, be sure to replace it with parts from reliable suppliers of quality computer equipment that are hard to find, like Code Micro.

EMC Hard Drives and other Hardware For Retail Businesses

Today almost every retail businesses uses technology to run efficiently. If you are a retail business owner our guess is that you are consistently looking for the most affordable and technologically advanced systems to cut costs and labor for your business. Such an example might include your point of sale or POS system. For those who are unfamiliar, a POS system is an extensive network of electronic cash registers that operate both individually and as whole units. For business owners having a reliable, affordable, and high quality POS system is a must.

POS terminals are connected to one another through enterprise resource systems that require tough EMC hard drives. EMC hard drives are data storage products with capacities as large as 500 gigabytes (GB). This feature makes them ideal for storing and sorting data accumulated through everyday retail transactions.

EMC Hard drives

Each electronic cash register looks and operates like an independent personal computer that functions with a specific operating system and collects data that is subsequently stored on an individual hard drive. The information can then be reviewed at the end of each day; with the clear archiving of data enabling business owners to spot any anomalies like thefts and unreported defective products. Managing theft is a huge concern in 2012  and as such, POS systems need to operate seamlessly and process info quickly and accurately.

In addition, users must be able to safely turn off POS units to prevent damage. For this reason, business owners normally install devices such as the DELL 1M661 Poweredge 1750 powersupply. This general purpose server holds up to 8 gigabytes of random access memory or RAM and facilitates safe shutdown in the event of a power outage. For this reason, this device would be ideal for high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) environments such as those used by medium to large retail stores.

Retail shops do not only require visibility with their operations; they also need the ability to print out information as required. Luckily, recent innovations in thermal printing technology facilitate fast printouts with crystal-clear quality. These days, most POS terminals are equipped with thermal printers that churn out receipts as fast as you can click print.

Epson Receipt Printers

Our recommendation for retail business owners or management who may be looking for a suitable thermal printer would be to consider an Epson Receipt Printer. Heat printers of this kind are lightweight, energy efficient, and do not smudge. And we all know how frustrating it can be to print something only to find that the ink has smeared, so once more it is important to carefully choose the right printer to use for business operations.

In the end every piece of equipment is important to the quality and efficiency of all retail business operations. It is our suggestion that retail business owners frequently check the quality of their equipment on a semi-regular basis. Of course should anyone have any questions we are here to help advise.

The Importance of the Sun Motherboard and Other Computer Parts

Like most products of modern technology, a computer is only as good as the sum of its parts. It may sound like a marketing cliché, but the concept is as true as can be. As technology advances, continuous upgrades of your computer equipment will be necessary to keep up with your new technological needs.  Fortunately, hard to find computer parts like the DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950 can be found online from reputable suppliers like Code Micro.

Indeed, if you own a computer and it begins to malfunction, your first impulse would be to look for the necessary replacements. Often times this may prove to be challenging, especially if you need a specialized component like a hard drive.

But what is a hard drive anyway; and what makes it so vital to the computer’s function? A hard drive—otherwise known as a hard disk or HDD—is the storage medium for the entire computer’s files and programs; in other words, it is the brain that governs the system. A hard drive malfunction could affect the operational capabilities of the whole system.

Furthermore, hard drives can be damaged by even the slightest handling lapses. Fortunately, replacements can do wonders for your computer, which brings us to another important computer component—the computer memory. The computer memory, or random access memory (RAM), is housed in computer chips mounted onto the motherboard. If applicable, a Sun Memory upgrade can provide your computer with all the additional gigabytes you may need for complex computer processes.

The computer memory, located in a small rectangular chip, will also need to be replaced at some point in time. We would even go so far to say that some computer technicians replace memory chips every time they work on computers to ensure the continued optimum functionality of the system.

Of course, nothing surpasses the importance of the motherboard in your computer system. This is the component which serves as the base to which all other computer components and devices are connected. Should you be interested in having your computer run faster, a Sun Motherboard upgrade is the right move. A new motherboard will have you computer processing information very quickly and will make working on your computer much easier.

Tips from your Friendly Computer Geek: Replacing your Motherboard with the DELL DT021 DELL SYSTEMBOARD FOR POWEREDGE 2950 G2

In today’s technology-driven way of life, getting through the day without a computer seems virtually impossible. Computers have become a huge part of daily life for many of us to facilitate education, business, research, entertainment, communication, shopping, and other activities. For this reason we’re hoping you take good care of your computer and make regular updates.

Unfortunately computers, like all devices, have their limits. Some wear down due to extended usage while other times they simply breakdown as the result of a malfunction. Since it would be difficult to regularly check on every single computer part we recommend you simply pay extra close attention to the motherboard. The motherboard, also known as the system board, is your computer’s backbone. It is the base to which every vital component of the system is physically and electronically attached. If your computer starts acting up quite regularly we would recommend considering the replacement of your motherboard (after a full diagnosis) with the DELL DT021 DELL SYSTEMBOARD FOR POWEREDGE 2950 G2

How will you know if it is your motherboard and not another computer part that is causing problems? Normally motherboard malfunctions include trouble starting the system, constant error messages, sudden reboots, and other kinds of erratic behavior. As DIY solutions often make problems worse and result in more costly repairs, it is always best to get help from qualified technicians should you experience these types of problems. (But remember once you get a diagnosis you can always buy affordable replacements parts from online stores such as CodeMicro.)

Choosing a replacement motherboard like the DELL HC578 SYSTEMBOARD POWEREDGE 2800/2850 V3 should only be done after much consideration. It is always recommended whenever introducing a new component to your system that you ensure of its capability with all other operating parts. Once you know that replacing the motherboard is the correct move; price, performance, and features are the main considerations to take into account.

As an overall reminder, computer downtime should be avoided as much as possible. You should consider regular upgrades to avoid future problems at the first sign of any computer trouble. Should you have any questions, we can always help you out.