Used Computer Parts and Their Value in Building a Gaming PC Rig

Computer Parts

Have you ever tried playing WarCraft on an older computer? If you have then you know it just doesn’t work out. At first you might think your computer has enough RAM to play the game with no lag but this doesn’t last long. As soon as you encounter your first attack your computer lags and as a result your opponent raids your base while you a watch color wheel on your screen.

Why does your older PC crash during a battle but not during the initial stages of the game? PCs crash during gaming due to the sheer amount of processing needed to churn out all those high-speed graphics. While PCs generally render graphics much better than game consoles, many games demand the best processing power money can buy. Since battle scenes have higher speed graphics your PC will normally lag at this stage of the game if it does not have enough processing power.

The good news is that due to their modular construction, PCs can be easily modified to accommodate all types of gaming. But while constructing a PC is one thing, knowing what parts to use for upgrades is another. So lets review the different computer parts online that you should consider purchasing for your older PC should you want to improve your gaming experience.

The Parts

Mind and Body: Processor and Motherboard

Every PC is built around a processor chip or central processing unit (CPU), which performs the complex calculations needed to run computing processes that make games work. Upgrading the processor will allow you to play games with high speed graphics without experiencing lag time.

A processor should be able to handle the stress of running games, but more importantly, it should be paired with a durable and compatible motherboard. Correspondingly, the motherboard should have several expansion slots to accommodate other components.

Heart and Soul: Video Card, Sound Card and RAM

Without a video card and a sound card, a PC cannot produce any screen picture, nor sound from its speakers. The right video and sound cards thus enable your PC to run highly advanced games with complete particle effects and full audio. We recommend purchasing used computer parts which include sound and video cards in order to save yourself money.

The Bling: Power Supply, Cooling, Peripherals, and Casings

Peripherals such as the PC’s casing, monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers should be purchased at your discretion and taste from reputable suppliers like Code Micro. In addition, your PC needs a reliable power supply that protects your computer from power surges. To avert other damage, good cooling and PC ventilation should also be carefully considered, as PCs tend to reach burning temperatures when running complex processes during exciting games such as Warcraft and Starcraft.

The Verdict

Building computers from the ground up doesn’t always come cheap. Yet it can be a fun and highly rewarding experience. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider purchasing computer parts wholesale. This will allow you to enjoy your gaming with better video, audio, and processing without breaking the bank.

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