Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 Troubleshooting

If we were to assign your computer different organs in direct relation to the human body the “brain” and “nervous system”, would be known as the processor and motherboard. Now this may be a strange comparison but it may help you to understand how computers function.

Most problems with laptops such as the HP Pavilion DV2500, are related to system crashes and extremely frustrating and slow start-ups. These problems are normally associated with the processor or motherboard. Generally, when motherboards like the Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 are functioning incorrectly there is no fixing them. Instead you’ll need to buy replacement parts.

Anytime your computer is having a problem you should perform diagnostic tests for your computer’s random access memory (RAM) and hard drive. To do this, press “F10” immediately after powering up, click the “Diagnostics” menu, and click “Hard Disk Self Test”. If nothing comes up, try clicking “Memory Test”. If you don’t see this option well then your hard drive needs replacement.

If running the “Memory Test” detects an error, it could be the RAM that is defective and in need of replacement. If your laptop still experiences problems despite having passed both diagnostic tests, there could be something wrong with the drivers. Before you check the drivers, boot your computer in Safe mode, create a restore point for each of them by (1) clicking “Start”; (2) typing and clicking “System Restore” in the search bar, and; (3) selecting the most recent restore points. Afterwards, type and click “Device Manager” in the Start menu’s search bar, check the drivers for errors, follow the instructions for troubleshooting, and restart your laptop.

Often times the problem with your laptop is simply related to ventilation. For some reason dust loves to accumulate on electronics. This accumulation of dust can hamper the free passage of cooling air, or even stop the fan, thereby overheating the system. Try using a compressed air can to spray away all that unwanted dusk from your keyboard and from other places on your computer once a week to prevent dust accumulation. If you still experience problems after a good dusting then you should probably replace your HP laptop fan with the Lucent KS-23912 L6 Fan.

We would like to remind all non-computer component experts that we advise consulting with one of our specialists prior to ever replacing an old computer part. Replacing a component may seem straight forward but often times it is anything but.

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