The Importance of the Sun Motherboard and Other Computer Parts

Like most products of modern technology, a computer is only as good as the sum of its parts. It may sound like a marketing cliché, but the concept is as true as can be. As technology advances, continuous upgrades of your computer equipment will be necessary to keep up with your new technological needs.  Fortunately, hard to find computer parts like the DELL J8090 Dell 73gb 15k rpm SAS 3.5 Hotswap Hard Drive for PowerEdge 1950 2950 can be found online from reputable suppliers like Code Micro.

Indeed, if you own a computer and it begins to malfunction, your first impulse would be to look for the necessary replacements. Often times this may prove to be challenging, especially if you need a specialized component like a hard drive.

But what is a hard drive anyway; and what makes it so vital to the computer’s function? A hard drive—otherwise known as a hard disk or HDD—is the storage medium for the entire computer’s files and programs; in other words, it is the brain that governs the system. A hard drive malfunction could affect the operational capabilities of the whole system.

Furthermore, hard drives can be damaged by even the slightest handling lapses. Fortunately, replacements can do wonders for your computer, which brings us to another important computer component—the computer memory. The computer memory, or random access memory (RAM), is housed in computer chips mounted onto the motherboard. If applicable, a Sun Memory upgrade can provide your computer with all the additional gigabytes you may need for complex computer processes.

The computer memory, located in a small rectangular chip, will also need to be replaced at some point in time. We would even go so far to say that some computer technicians replace memory chips every time they work on computers to ensure the continued optimum functionality of the system.

Of course, nothing surpasses the importance of the motherboard in your computer system. This is the component which serves as the base to which all other computer components and devices are connected. Should you be interested in having your computer run faster, a Sun Motherboard upgrade is the right move. A new motherboard will have you computer processing information very quickly and will make working on your computer much easier.

Tips from your Friendly Computer Geek: Replacing your Motherboard with the DELL DT021 DELL SYSTEMBOARD FOR POWEREDGE 2950 G2

In today’s technology-driven way of life, getting through the day without a computer seems virtually impossible. Computers have become a huge part of daily life for many of us to facilitate education, business, research, entertainment, communication, shopping, and other activities. For this reason we’re hoping you take good care of your computer and make regular updates.

Unfortunately computers, like all devices, have their limits. Some wear down due to extended usage while other times they simply breakdown as the result of a malfunction. Since it would be difficult to regularly check on every single computer part we recommend you simply pay extra close attention to the motherboard. The motherboard, also known as the system board, is your computer’s backbone. It is the base to which every vital component of the system is physically and electronically attached. If your computer starts acting up quite regularly we would recommend considering the replacement of your motherboard (after a full diagnosis) with the DELL DT021 DELL SYSTEMBOARD FOR POWEREDGE 2950 G2

How will you know if it is your motherboard and not another computer part that is causing problems? Normally motherboard malfunctions include trouble starting the system, constant error messages, sudden reboots, and other kinds of erratic behavior. As DIY solutions often make problems worse and result in more costly repairs, it is always best to get help from qualified technicians should you experience these types of problems. (But remember once you get a diagnosis you can always buy affordable replacements parts from online stores such as CodeMicro.)

Choosing a replacement motherboard like the DELL HC578 SYSTEMBOARD POWEREDGE 2800/2850 V3 should only be done after much consideration. It is always recommended whenever introducing a new component to your system that you ensure of its capability with all other operating parts. Once you know that replacing the motherboard is the correct move; price, performance, and features are the main considerations to take into account.

As an overall reminder, computer downtime should be avoided as much as possible. You should consider regular upgrades to avoid future problems at the first sign of any computer trouble. Should you have any questions, we can always help you out.

Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 Troubleshooting

If we were to assign your computer different organs in direct relation to the human body the “brain” and “nervous system”, would be known as the processor and motherboard. Now this may be a strange comparison but it may help you to understand how computers function.

Most problems with laptops such as the HP Pavilion DV2500, are related to system crashes and extremely frustrating and slow start-ups. These problems are normally associated with the processor or motherboard. Generally, when motherboards like the Hewlett Packard 462535-001 System Board for Hp Pavilion Dv2500 are functioning incorrectly there is no fixing them. Instead you’ll need to buy replacement parts.

Anytime your computer is having a problem you should perform diagnostic tests for your computer’s random access memory (RAM) and hard drive. To do this, press “F10” immediately after powering up, click the “Diagnostics” menu, and click “Hard Disk Self Test”. If nothing comes up, try clicking “Memory Test”. If you don’t see this option well then your hard drive needs replacement.

If running the “Memory Test” detects an error, it could be the RAM that is defective and in need of replacement. If your laptop still experiences problems despite having passed both diagnostic tests, there could be something wrong with the drivers. Before you check the drivers, boot your computer in Safe mode, create a restore point for each of them by (1) clicking “Start”; (2) typing and clicking “System Restore” in the search bar, and; (3) selecting the most recent restore points. Afterwards, type and click “Device Manager” in the Start menu’s search bar, check the drivers for errors, follow the instructions for troubleshooting, and restart your laptop.

Often times the problem with your laptop is simply related to ventilation. For some reason dust loves to accumulate on electronics. This accumulation of dust can hamper the free passage of cooling air, or even stop the fan, thereby overheating the system. Try using a compressed air can to spray away all that unwanted dusk from your keyboard and from other places on your computer once a week to prevent dust accumulation. If you still experience problems after a good dusting then you should probably replace your HP laptop fan with the Lucent KS-23912 L6 Fan.

We would like to remind all non-computer component experts that we advise consulting with one of our specialists prior to ever replacing an old computer part. Replacing a component may seem straight forward but often times it is anything but.

Maximize your Profit by Buying Computer Parts Wholesale

When it comes to buying and reselling computer parts there is not much room for profit. Small computer parts retailers really don’t have many options. They face the challenge of buying parts in bulk in order to receive better pricing from the manufacturer but by doing so lock up their capital in inventory. On the flip side, buying smaller amounts of product means paying more per unit so that there is less profit per unit sold. As a small computer retailer what are you to do?

The answer is find a manufacturer or otherwise large distributor that will sell you computer parts wholesale in smaller quantities so that you don’t tie up excess capital in inventory and so that you can still realize as much profit as possible reselling these parts to the consumer. At Code Micro we sell computer parts online at discounted prices and at wholesale prices in order to help out those smaller retail business owners. We also offer up-to-date information on the latest hardware trends and other important industry information that can help you further your business.

For example, when buying computer parts, you have the choice of buying them brand new or refurbished. Buying refurbished computer parts is a great way to save on costs. They offer a lot of advantages. For one thing, they perform like new. Plus they can cost 20 to 50% less than their brand new counterparts. Depending upon the parts themselves they also include a warranty to minimize your risk of choosing a used part.

Buying and selling used computer parts at wholesale prices can be a great business model.  The best and biggest online distributors can supply you with whatever computer part you many need, be it HP, Acer, IBM, Toshiba, Lenovo, or Dell parts, among others and you can resell these parts to the end consumer.

What is most important is that you find a reliable and high quality supplier that offers parts at extremely affordable prices. At Code Micro we are one such supplier and would love to assist you in your business endeavors. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have regarding online computer parts and we will be sure to supply you the answer you are looking for.

What to Consider When Buying Refurbished Computers Parts Such as a Lucent Fan Tray

Many corporations discontinue the use of their computers after three to four years of service. While these machines and their internal components may be outdated, they may still have something to offer a business organization. Old computers purchased from a professional refurbishing company like Code Micro, use hardware such as the IBM PSeries parts to make these machines look and function like new.

The main reason you should consider purchasing refurbished machines is for cost-savings. Refurbished computers typically cost 20 to 50% less than brand new ones. You can find refurbished desktops, laptops, handheld devices, and almost any kind of hardware in a wide array of models and specifications. While you can buy entire refurbished computers, you could save even more by buying computer parts individually and assembling the system yourself.

Does this mean that you should run out and get yourself a refurbished computer the next time your office requires a new PC? Perhaps, but you shouldn’t do so without planning ahead and doing some research. Below are some of the considerations you’ll need to think about when buying refurbished computers.


IBM XSeries Parts cost almost $350 when brand new; but you can get them for less than $200 when refurbished. This illustrates how much you can save if you were to go refurbished. If your company is in need of 50 such units, the amount saved would be rather significant.


Reputable refurbishing companies can provide the same warranty coverage for the new and refurbished computer products they sell. Therefore, in terms of warranty, you’re not really losing anything by opting for refurbished computers. If warranty is important to you, make sure to buy your refurbished computer parts from a reputable company.


Refurbished computers are formerly defective computers which have been restored by replacing the defective parts with new ones. They are then tested for like-new functionality before they are sold. When refurbished parts are tested, it is not only the replacement parts that are tested, but the entire system. Put simply, a refurbished Lucent Fan Tray will function as if it were brand new. Again, be sure to buy only from reputable refurbishing companies to ensure that you have problem-free computers.