The Sun Motherboard and Its Mother Load of Acronyms Demystified

When you look at a motherboard, it’s as if you’re looking at a city block of circuits and electronics. In a way, a motherboard like the Sun Motherboard links every part of the “cyber city” also known as the computer to enable it to function efficiently as a whole unit. Components such as memory cards, processors, and video cards are all attached to the motherboard.

One interesting thing about the motherboard is that it seems to be fond of using acronyms. A normal motherboard has acronyms such as IDE, BIOS, SATA, and PCI in fine print. In fact, you often come across these acronyms in troubleshooting sites or when visiting a computer store. So, what exactly are they?

Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)

The PCI is a component often overlooked when talking about computers. If not for the PCI, your Call of Duty or Battlefield gaming experience will nowhere be near as good as what is shown in the trailers. Among its chief functions is that it provides the slot in which peripheral devices such as your graphics cards as well as video and sounds connection can be attached.

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)

Have you noticed that, when you boot up your computer, it makes quick inspections right before starting Windows? That’s the BIOS at work, conducting what is called a power-on self test to see if everything is in working order. An example of a BIO system might be a MOTOROLA MC7090-PK0DCQFA7WR MC7090 TERM:2D WLAN 128/128 TERM QRTY WM5 BT 1X . This system assigns functions to the hardware once the initial power-on self tests have been completed.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

You see this acronym often associated with hard drives because the SATA pertains to the connector which links the hard drive to the motherboard. Replacing the Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE), the SATA can handle larger amounts of data despite being smaller than the EIDE. Fewer wires means less chance of electrical wires interfering with each other—a happening dubbed as crosstalk in tech lingo.

If ever you are looking for an understanding of Sun Memory or other hard-to-find computer components we can certainly help you at Code Micro. As tech lingo continues to change and components and integrations are upgraded we will be here to help translate the computer talk so that everybody can understand how their computers work.

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