Protecting Your DELL PC to Ensure Optimum Computer Performance

In the past, computers were mostly used to accomplish and systematize processes like payroll processing, airline ticketing, banking, and other institutional applications. These days, however, no one can deny the necessity of computers for work-related and personal use. In fact, from April to June 2012, around 3.6 million DELL personal computers were sold in the United States according to International Data Corporation.


Computers require proper and regular care to function smoothly and efficiently. One component that should be handled with care is the motherboard, also known as the system board, which is the very heart of the system to which all other computer parts connect. If a DELL computer breaks down, it may be due to a defective motherboard, and a DELL YU413 Dell Latitude E6500 system board may be purchased as replacement. However, be sure to check the system board’s compatibility with the memory.


The hard disk is another vital element since it is where programs and files are installed, stored, and accessed. When a hard disk breaks down, the files it contains may become unreadable or worse, lost forever. To ensure the hard disk doesn’t develop any problems, buy computer accessories and parts only from reliable vendors like Code Micro.


To minimize the risk of data loss and hard disk malfunctions, set up redundancy measures such as disk arrays that can connect multiple hard drives. The most utilized disk array technology is RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), which enables you to store damaged files without affecting other files. Installing a RAID system such as the DELL TD977 PERC 4e/DC Dual Channel U320 LVD SCSI RAID Controller BBU can enhance your computer’s performance.


Looking to transfer files between computers? You might want to use hot swappable devices that can be connected to a computer without requiring special software. The most common hot swappable device is the universal serial bus (USB) flash drive.


When large files cannot fit on a USB drive then a portable hard drive may prove handy. You can then connect multiple hard drives with a serial advanced technology attachment, or SATA. To ensure that the SATA is properly connected to a computer, use a device such as the DELL X2689 74GB SCSI 80-pin with 1 hot swap tray.

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