Meet Stanley: Innovative Ways of using Old Technology

Now here is a very creative and fun way of using old technology (i.e. an old fashioned piano) in a new, innovative way by utilizing new technology.  This hit our radar because our team at Code Micro specializes in selling computer parts online and thus we are passionate about using old technologies for new applications.

Meet Stanley the Piano.

What (or who) is  Stanley?  Stanley is a player piano that takes requests via Twitter.  Check it out and try it for yourself. Also make sure to click on the “how it works” link, this is very cool.

This is also a great segue to the series of product spotlights we will begin here on our blog (we will also Tweet and post Facebook), in which our team  at Code Micro reviews discontinued computer parts and we will take a look at the innovative ways IT pros and geeks use replacement computer parts to maintain and prolong the life of IT gear. Stay tuned!

And kudos to the geeks at for making Stanley come alive!

One thought on “Meet Stanley: Innovative Ways of using Old Technology

  1. I am looking forward to read the product highlights your team at Code Micro review. You guys always come up with great stuff!

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