Press Release: Code Micro Offers New & Used Hard-to-Find IT Products

From our Press Release Desk:

Oceanside, CA (July 23, 2012) – Code Micro, Inc., a leading provider of computer parts online, is offering new and used hard-to-find Information Technology (IT) products and replacement parts. Code Micro, Inc. is the top provider of IT products and services in Oceanside, California.

Since 1994, they have been committed to providing rare, high quality computer parts and other IT products from the top manufacturers in the industry. They maintain a huge product inventory that includes over 1.6 million products of various types and from different brands.


specializing in computer replacements parts online since 1994.

Code Micro is recognized in the industry for their huge assortment of new and used computer parts and other IT products. The products they offer include server motherboards, computer hard drives, LCD screens and monitors, external and internal drives, computer storage systems, and memory upgrades. They also cater to customers hoping to buy various computer parts wholesale.

Code Micro carries some of the most popular brands in the IT industry. They offer Dell computer parts as well as rare units from Gateway, Acer, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Lexmark, and Cisco, among others.

Customers looking for Dell computer parts and similar products may also choose to purchase high quality refurbished equipment from Code Micro. For every purchase of refurbished equipment, the company gives part of the sale to the Arbor Day Foundation, a charity that they support.

computer parts wholesale

committed to providing rare, high quality computer parts and other IT products

To learn more about the products and services that Code Micro offers, visit today! Place an order for computer parts online via their website or call them toll-free at 1-866-419-6615 for more information.

About Code Micro, Inc.

Code Micro, Inc. is a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) products and services. They specialize in hard-to-find computer products and replacement parts. Since 1994, they have been providing high quality computer parts and products combined with excellent customer service. They also sell computer parts at wholesale prices.

Visit today to find out more!


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